At GCL we acknowledge that protecting the environment and minimising our carbon footprint is one of the greatest challenges we face.

GCL can reduce its environmental impact by controlling the consumption of raw materials and minimising the waste produced. We achieve this by:

Close planning and control of our projects so as to ensure that the optimum level of resources, be it plant, labour or materials are applied to each stage of the construction process.

  • Where possible reducing waste, preferably in absolute terms or relatively by promoting recycling, through the reuse of recycled materials or segregation on site.
  • Ensuring that all our workforce, through education, understand the importance of protecting the environment by avoiding damage and preventing pollution.


As part of GCL’s continuing commitment to the environment, we have been awarded the Environmental Management Quality Standard. All of our internal procedures have enshrined the importance of safeguarding the environment for the benefit of all the stakeholders of GCL and the local community.

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