Health & Safety

Construction is a dangerous business. It is only by acknowledging this as a starting point for each working day and designing working practises, that these risks that our Health & Safety Manager and her team have achieved accident rates which are well below the industry norm.

As one of the key measurements within the business for individuals, managers and directors and at a Board level, we fervently believe that there are two key components to a comprehensive policy: firstly, to send each worker home safely at the end of their shift; and secondly to provide a working environment which in no way adversely effects any workers health.

The quality of the Health and Safety procedures within the business are independently audited as part of our ISO 18001 Accreditation. At GCL we are not content just to satisfy the minimum required, instead we are constantly improving and expanding our systems, so that we can exceed the increasingly exact standards, placed on us by our clients.

Procedures and systems in themselves do not make for a safe working environment, the challenge is to ensure that every individual, working for GCL understands the reasoning behind the procedure and approaches their work in a manner which mitigates the relevant risk. To underpin this understanding, GCL has a bi-monthly in- house safety award where individuals who exemplify our commitment to Health & Safety, are named and rewarded.

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