On 22 March 2017 a terrorist attack took place on Westminster Bridge in London. More than 50 people were injured one of them being PC Kris Aves who was on his return home from the London Police Commendation Awards where he received an award himself for his exceptional work within the police force.

His injury received were life changing, as a result he is wheelchair bound having being a very fit and active man and a keen golfer.

Kris is 35 years of age with a wife and two young children and is the son-in-law of Patsy Cooney ho is well known within the GCL group being a close friend to Paddy Shanahan.

In September rumours had it that DIY SOS were involved in helping the family in the rebuild of their home as Kris was unable to return there due to his injuries.

Ground Skips offered to supply the skips to the project as a way of contribution to the build, they began the build on the 10th October and completed it on the 19th October, which was also the revealing of the house to the family, Jim O’Malley and the one and only Eric Power was there representing Ground Skips Ltd.

We wish Kris Aves and his family all the very best from all at Ground Skips Ltd.