GCL have introduced a new format for recording the health and safety inspections for our sites. In the Past our inspection reports were qualitative reports data could be observed but not measured. In order for us to measure the data, we have changed the report to a quantitative report. This allows us to measure the data and collate the information.

Each active score has a 4 point value the report above is based on 29 active scores. To work out the maximum score the site can achieve 29 x 4=116 pts (100%). To obtain the actual percentage for the safety inspection, the actual score/maximum score x 100 = the percentage for the site inspection. As part of the overall monthly report we can now produce a league table of the active sites. It’s a further tool for Senior Managers to use to identify the sites that aren’t performing to the standards that we expect.

This exercise allows us to look closer at these sites and identify the reasons the sites aren’t performing as expected. This can be down to a number of factors;

  • Additional Supervision is required on site
  • Additional training is required on site
  • The methodology of work needs to be amended
  • Additional labourer is required.