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The project involved the construction of four residential blocks with an adjacent four storey Cultural Centre,including all associated groundwork's and finishes.
The four residential blocks consisted of a basement level CHP, a 115 space car park at ground floor and a950m2 podium slab providing additional communal area interlinking two of the four blocks.

The combined overallfloor area for the residential blocks is 11450m2.

The prestigious Cultural Centre consisted of four floors of fare faced concrete walls and soffits, a triangularshaped building, 5400m2 of floor area. Notably this structure is a stand out example for high standards of intricateconcrete works, providing fare faced finishes to large and cambered soffit areas.

For the suspended slabs a typical SGB Gass system and RC design approach was adopted, however precaststairs were introduced to accelerate the stair install for the residential blocks.

Due to the tight constraints andcontrols adopted to achieve a high quality fare faced concrete finish to theCultural Centre, GCL looked to other areas to obtain gains for the structure such as introducing a centrally locatedBoom Pump to reduce the turn around on floors.

Significant gains to our overall programme duration were won be developing and maintaining tight clientrelationships from the outset, one team approach in obtaining project goals, developing an extensive TWD solutionfor the CHP basement works.
All GCL deliveries were coordinated on a just in time delivery basis which again benefited the site allowinggreater storage for all the follow on trades.




  • 4No. Residential Concrete Frames.
  • Fare Faced Concrete Works at the Cultural
  • Extensive groundwork's and finishes.


  • In-house TWD Solution for the CHP build
  • The use of precast stairs.
  • Just in time delivery basis.

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