Dear All,


Hopefully this email finds everyone still safe and well.

This communication is directed to those staff not back to work to keep you informed.

We have heard the PM’s announcement on Sunday about returning to work but the reality is the Construction Industry did not stop fully only slowed down due to the restrictions and new working practices.

Social distancing still remains priority and as such the volume of work being carried out on building sites will still be restricted going forward.

For those on PAYE the government furlough scheme has been extended so there is a guarantee of some income, however those self-employed are not so fortunate.

As a business it is time to review and make decisions on how the remainder of the year will look.

A real concern is the lack of new work available coupled with some of our schemes not yet re-starting or indeed dates set for their return.

The short term decision has been taken not to have any further staff returning to work before the 8st June which is not to say that there will be an immediate return to work after that date.

The Pre-Construction team are still actively pricing work and focus is around projects which we believe have a quick start. The outcome of this will be key in our decision making going forward.

For now it is hard to give certainty to the short term outlook and provide definitive answers.

As it is unlikely there will be any real changes in the next week our next update will not be until the following week.


Trevor Diviney | Managing Director