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Collaboration with clients at an early stage is key, enabling input into design and value engineering exercises.


The in-house capability extends to demolition, civil engineering works, infrastructure and enabling works, drainage, services, tower cranes and 
pre-cast concrete solutions including all temporary works designs and permanent works detailing and design.

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Our package values commence from £12 million and extend up to £80 million. Geographically we have a large volume of work within London and the Home Counties regions, but we also cover the complete South of England and the Midlands.

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Our main office is situated in Welwyn Garden City, which houses a substantial depot facility. Additionally, we operate a precast plant at our Luton location and a depot for tower cranes in Olney.

High quality service is driven by motivated professional staff using the most appropriate systems.

At GCL we understand that recruiting experienced people is only half the challenge, continuous training and clear target setting ensures each individual realises their full potential, our Investors In People – Gold Accreditation underlines GCL’s emphasis on developing it’s staff. While our three ISO standards confirm the importance we place in our Management Systems (9001), Environmental Management (14001) and Health & Safety (18001).

To produce a quality product for our clients, we must combine superior resources in an efficient and effective manner. Having successfully been awarded ISO 9001 in 2003 and our technical department’s persistence at ensuring we have leading edge procedures, we are confident that the way in which we manage the construction process sets us apart from other contractors.

We are one of the first Frame Contractors to have switched over to the new ISO9001:2015 UKAS standard.


Any build is only as good as the sum of it’s parts:


Labour: of our total workforce of over 700, GCL has a core element which are experienced, committed and loyal, it is these individuals who get the job done. To be successful you must have this calibre of worker in every role whether they be carpenters, steel-fixers or machine drivers. Many of GCL’s core workers have been with the Company for over a decade.


Plant: combining experienced labour with the most up-to-date plant and formwork systems, construction projects are completed within schedule and to the highest of standards. GCL has invested heavily in the most technologically advanced: cranes; formwork systems; 
static pumps; machines and tools.

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Materials: securing the supply of quality raw materials at competitive prices is essential to the timely completion of each project. GCL has formed strategic alliances with the key suppliers within it’s sector. In addition we are prepared to try new approaches/technologies, such as the use of precast columns, whereby shaving days off the construction of each floor.

At GCL we acknowledge that protecting the environment and minimising our carbon footprint is one of the greatest challenges we face.

We undertake full review of the company’s performance under the ESOS and SECR guidelines. GCL can reduce its environmental impact by controlling the consumption of raw materials and minimising the waste produced. We achieve this by:


Close planning and control of our projects so as to ensure that the optimum level of resources, be it plant, labour or materials 
are applied to each stage of the 
construction process.

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Where possible reducing waste, preferably in absolute terms or relatively by promoting recycling, through the reuse of recycled materials or segregation on site.

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Ensuring that all our workforce, through education, understand the importance of protecting the environment by avoiding damage and preventing pollution.

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As part of GCL’s continuing commitment to the environment, we have been awarded the Environmental Management Quality Standard. All of our internal procedures have enshrined the importance of safeguarding the environment for the benefit of all the stakeholders of GCL and the local community.

Recent studies has seen us leading partners to switch over to the ISO 14001:2015 UKAS standard.

“Grounded in Safety”

Construction is an extremely dangerous business.  At GCL, it is only by acknowledging this as a starting point for each working day and planning safe working practises which gives us the best opportunity to ensure our operatives go home safely every day.

Our dedicated H&S team have achieved accident rates which are well below the industry norm.  As one of the key measurements within the business for individuals, Managers and Directors and at a Board level, we passionately believe that there are two key components to a comprehensive policy: firstly, to send each worker home safely at the end of their shift; and secondly to provide a working environment which in no way adversely effects any workers physical or mental health.


On top of our weekly internal H&S audits, GCL’s policies & procedures within the business are independently audited as part of our ISO 45001 UKAS Accreditation. 

At GCL we are not content just to satisfy the minimum required, instead we are constantly improving and expanding our systems, so that we can exceed the standards.  As part of our values, we continuously strive to innovate new systems, procedures & develop new equipment.

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On top of our weekly internal H&S audits, GCL’s policies & procedures within the business are independently audited as part of our ISO 45001:2018 UKAS Accreditation.
At GCL we are not content just to satisfy the minimum required, instead we are constantly improving and expanding our systems, so that we can exceed the standards. As part of our values, we continuously strive to innovate new systems, procedures & develop new equipment.

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Procedures and systems in themselves do not make for a safe working environment, the challenge is to ensure that every individual working for GCL understands the reasoning behind the procedure and approaches their work in a manner which mitigates the relevant risk. To reinforce this understanding, we ensure everyone working for GCL understands the ‘GCL way’ by creating video RAMS in various different languages to ensure the correct message gets across to the workforce. The videos contain footage from our sites on how to carry out the works safely. QR codes of the video RAMS are displayed at the work areas for different tasks & operatives can watch the videos easily via their mobile devices. In addition to this, each individual who comes on board with us are presented with a video induction demonstrating the risks present & control measures that must be followed when working on our projects. The video prompts questions that individuals must answer correctly prior to starting work.

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Our H&S Managers operate from the sites to provide the support & guidance needed to run the projects safely. They actively engage with the Senior project teams, Supervisors & workforce. Our Black Hat Supervisors are key to ensuring operatives are put to work safely every day. In addition to the daily briefings, each Supervisor must complete a GCL task card at the point of work. The task card system has been developed to ensure Supervisors are assessing the work areas prior to putting operatives to work. This additional measure can help to further identify hazards & ensure control measures are implemented before works commence.

At GCL we feel it’s extremely important to award good practice. GCL has monthly in-house safety awards where individuals on every level who exemplify our commitment to Health & Safety are named and rewarded. We have achieved ROSPA Gold for seven consecutive years in addition to many other H&S accreditations.

After the effective introduction of our values system in 2018, we have persistently worked to integrate these values into the very fabric of GCL’s DNA.

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Growth and Development

We support the growth of our business by developing our employees and investing in their learning and development.

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Collaboration & Teamwork

We recognise there is competitive and strength in communication and teamwork.

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We encourage visionary, intuitive and creative thinking and look for solutions to problems with a can-do approach.

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We deliver high standards of customer service and quality in a safe working environment.

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We value open, honest conversations and encourage everyone to be supportive and approachable.

GCL Corporate Values

Since May 2017 we have been crafting five core company values. There has been a lot of development and collaboration with the directors and line managers to ensure the values are appropriate steps forward and relevant to GCL.

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