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Concrete frames

GCL has built a reputation as one of the premier reinforced concrete frame contractors in London, South East England. This has been achieved by retaining a loyal and experienced workforce, investing in the latest formwork technologies and plant, high level of health and safety, training, and delivering on time for our clients. Early engagement with our dedicated preconstruction team can lead to many benefits when it comes to design, value engineering, methodology & logistics.

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By breaking down the construction process into its core elements, GCL can combine off-site prefabrication including full structural analysis with on-site assembly. The use of pre-cast columns or walls results in improved progress between floors, a higher quality finished product and increased design flexibility. GCL also offers precast stairs with stair balustrade and wall-mounted handrail packages. Precast stairs utilise invisible connectors in the core walls for installation.

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Advantages of PT

GCL recognise that alternative forms of construction can sometimes meet our clients’ needs. Given the opportunity to review the project at an early stage we regularly substitute the traditional reinforced concrete solution with a post-tensioned (PT) or precast concrete option. GCL have extensive experience of using both bonded and un-bonded PT systems in beams, and one-way/two-way column supported flat slabs, particularly where spans are more than eight meters. If required GCL can assume the full design, procurement, and construction responsibility for the PT elements.

  • Reductions in floor slab thickness – which deliver savings in materials but potentially the opportunity to increase the number of floors in high-rise buildings,
  • Fewer deliveries, lifting, and fixing on site than traditional reinforced concrete,
  • Reduces the requirement for beams, thus simplifying the falsework process,
  • A greater contribution to BREEAM ratings
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Slip and Jump form

Advanced formwork systems have advantages over traditional methods. Slipform only requires initial set up which is simplified, has an increased construction rate, good quality finish, and is very safe providing a good working environment. Slipform also has an easy start stop process and flexible use. Jumpform allows quick and precise adjustments of the formwork pans, has an increased construction rate, good quality finish, and other platforms or screens can be hung off the formwork and climbed with the system. Both systems minimise labour time.

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Climbing edge protection

GCL ensures the safety of operatives, the safety of those below and progress on site by using various edge protection systems. On high-rise buildings, where there is an increased risk to the public or surrounding infrastructure, climbing edge protection can be designed and incorporated into our temporary works system. This system provides a fully enclosed screen around the floor being worked on and one or two floors below. As the climbing edge protection progresses up the frame, lower floors are made safe using Combi safe panels for GCL operatives and follow-on trades.

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