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GCL understands the pressures and constraints that our commercial and residential clients operate under. We provide the assurance of an experienced contaminated land remediation contractor who fulfils their requirements on time and on budget, in a safe and demonstrable environmentally sustainable manner.

The in-house remediation solutions provided by GCL for the treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater range from traditional civil engineering-based solutions to more innovative chemical and biological treatment technologies.

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Asbestos removal

Asbestos means risk, health and safety, and financial. By engaging the most effective techniques for asbestos removal, supported by detailed method statements designed to ensure best practices at all times, minimises our clients’ risk. We offer a dedicated experienced labour force which is supported by the most up-to-date plant. GCL’s remediation team will manage all aspects of your project from pre-acquisition studies to HSE sign-off.

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Soil and groundwater remediation

For contaminated land, GCL offers practical solutions ranging from traditional ‘dig and dump’ to in/ex-situ bioremediation and soil stabilisation. Our experienced staff deliver the optimum solution for your site, within timescale and budget. If your project also has contaminated groundwater issues, depending on the circumstances and contaminants encountered, we can devise an effective solution to ‘pump and treat’ on-site or pre-treat for off-site disposal.

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In-situ remediation

Off-site disposal is often seen as the preferred or most cost-effective option. However, even though in-situ remediation can lengthen the programme, the reduction in off-site disposal is often considerable. Examples of the technologies employed by GCL are separation of asbestos from the soil matrix, in-situ bioremediation including biosparging and bioventing, in-situ hydraulic barriers, and permeable reactive barriers.

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Tank decommissioning and removal

GCL have the experience and personnel to purge, decommission and remove underground fuel storage tanks of any size, in any location. This includes hard-filled or solid tanks. Successful removal of underground tanks demands precise planning, site investigation and execution. If there has been historic leakage from any tanks, we can remediate the affected areas while removing the tank. All excavations are backfilled to our clients’ design and specification.

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