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The project involved the construction of a basement (2670m2). The Ground, First and Second Floors had anoverall area of 4870m2. From Second floor the frame broke into 4no adjoining RC frames which consistedof Blocks C5, C6, C11 and C12 consisting of a total area of 3050m2 and varied in height from 8 stories plusroof to 10 stories plus roof.

For the suspended slabs in each block it was decided to use Bamtec roll out mats as our preferredreinforcement method which proved to be both economical and a programme enhancing method ofreinforcement.

Precast columns were introduced from the level 2 transfer slab. These columns were cast at our in houseprecast yard at our headquarters in Welwyn Garden City and delivered to site each morning after wepoured the corresponding slab pour. Utilising this precast method reduced the onerous demands on our inhouse cranes enabling a significantly greater ability to facilitate other aspects of our construction processand in turn presented the opportunity to accelerate our construction programme offering significant gainsto our overall programme duration.

All stairs were constructed with a Stairmaster system allowing the construction of our stairs to remainno more than two floors behind our live decks without having to remove our internal core platforms,thus offering the site the benefit of several means of access which in turn enabled the following fit outtrades earlier access to all levels on site which benefited our client St. George’s fit out programme. All GCLdeliveries were coordinated on a just in time delivery basis which again benefited the site allowing greaterstorage for all the follow on trades.



  • 4No. Concrete Frames.
  • Bamtec Roll out Slab Reinforcement.
  • Precast Columns.



  • Introduction of Bamtec roll mats in place of loose bars as slab reinforcement.
  • The use of precast columns.
  • Just in time delivery basis.

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