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One the square


Station Road, Cambridge

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The project involved building of a capping beam around the perimeter of the basement with a car park ramp and a basement slab below street level, half of it being used as a cycle park.

Two slip forms were built for the metal frame to connect into it and for the metal deck to be installed. 3rd phase will involve concrete on the metal floors, while on the 5th and the roof the slab will be set to falls for planters.

Construction Features

  • Drainage and services
  • Power float on the basement slab set to falls towards the outside of the building
  • Slip form technology


  • Advice and assistance on requirements for the slip form regarding rebar and cast in plates for the following trades
  • Assistance with design, planning, constructibility during pre-contract stage.
  • Temporary works solution to obstructions, drainage, loading area on the road and basement dig.
  • In-house design for falsework and formwork system to reduce any unnecessary costs.
  • Introduction and use of slip form to accelerate the programme to gain more time for the following trades by the client demands.
  • Strategic planning for all lifting works and deliveries to overcome issues with client.