St Lukes


Muswell Hill




With just under 6 acres of a site, the project consists of a 3600m2 basement and transfer slab, on top of which 4 no. 4 storey RC frame blocks, and approx. 550lm earth retaining walls are located.

Surrounding these are a further 5 no. 3 storey RC frame blocks, 4 no. 2 storey RC frame blocks, and ground beams for 6 no. town houses

Works to 3 existing listed buildings include underpinning and construction of new lightwells.

There is an 11 metre difference in ground level from one end of site to the other.


Construction Features:

  • 3600m2 single sided wall waterproof basement
  • 13 no. concrete frames 2, 3, and 4 storey (averaging 350m2 per floor)
  • Earth retaining walls throughout
  • 4 no. attenuation tanks with capacity over 700m3
  • Rainwater harvesting system



  • Extensive Temporary works consisting of 45lm kingpost retaining walls to support existing neighbouring walls, gardens, and trees during a 5 m deep excavation

  • Waterproof concrete used throughout the entire basement carpark, also in 5 separate blocks where basements / light wells / earth retaining frames were constructed

  • Removal of over 50,000m3 of inert material to accommodate basement carpark, attenuation tanks, and groundworks designs.

  • Combined CETCO and PUDLO waterproofing systems to ensure two separate waterproof guarantees for underground works to houses

  • Major logistical coordination so as not to disrupt three neighbouring schools during drop off and collection times.

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