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Lords Cricket Ground





The project involves the construction of an new basement and a new 4 story concrete frame. The majority of the concrete frame has exposed concrete  to be constructed to an extreme high quality architectural finish.

Nearly every aspect of the project required thorough planning and complex temporary works to suit the clients requirements with time and quality restrictions. 

As the works were adjacent to a listed building (The Pavilion Stand), this required a clear understanding of the Lords Cricket Grounds daily needs.



  • Complex removal of existing foundations
  • Bulk dig excavation
  • One sided wall construction in the basement
  • New 4 storey RC Frame
  • Construction of RC seating raker tiers
  • Exposed concrete constructed to an extreme high quality architectural finish



  • As we are working close to an existing listed building and highly environmental conscious neighbourhood an extensive vibration, noise and dust monitoring system is been employed and managed especially during the demolition of the deep existing concrete footings
  • Assistance with design, planning, and constructability during pre-contract stage.
  • Vast amount of in house temporary works/falsework/formwork designs are required in almost every aspect of the RC frame construction to meet the clients requirements of the exposed concrete with an extreme high quality architectural finish

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