Young Street


19-27 Young St, W85EH




Description of the job:

19-27 Young St comprises of an eight storey frame (seven levels plus ground floor) along with a watertight basement. The site is bounded on three sides by existing properties. The bulk dig involved the removals of ACM. GCL used a thrust block and steel propping scheme to support the surrounding building while the basement was dug out. GCL used a mixture of temporary gantries to provide access into the job due to its restrictive nature.


Construction Features:

1No. Concrete Frame

  • Complex Enabling works Package
  • Removal of existing foundations using drill and burst technique
  • Power Floated basement slab
  • One-sided wall construction in basement with a .
  • Drainage & services including connection to Live Outfall Sewer.



Assistance with design, planning, muck strategy and constructability during pre-contract stage.

Temporary works solution to basement dig using thrust block and propping scheme

Specialist advice and assistance in the removal of ACMs off site.

Introduction and use of Precast columns and stairs to accelerate the programme.

Use of MGF frames and sheet piles to construct attenuation tank and crane base, up to 6m deep.

Detailed planning of works using ASTA programmes.

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