At GCL we provide the full range of groundworks and civil engineering services including foundation construction, roads, drainage/service work on to footpaths, and external paving. Every scheme is undertaken with a high degree of professionalism, ensuring the right solution is safely implemented to meet our clients’ needs.


craneEarthworks support

Whether it be simple sheet piling or full bracing to facilitate double or treble basement construction, GCL has the experience, expertise, and plant to get the job done swiftly and with client piece of mind. GCL have vast experience working in central London, so we are no strangers to bulk excavation on sites bordered on all sides by high-rise buildings.



Our competence goes beyond simple pile probing or piling attendance. If your construction solution requires CFA, displacement, contiguous, secant, mini-piling, or underpinning we have the in-house knowledge to get the construction process started quickly and accurately. Unlike traditional piling contractors, GCL can coordinate both the piling and groundworks package to develop the opportunity of a time saving programme with trades overlapping under our control.


zig zagFoundations

At GCL we understand that our clients’ primary objective is to construct the foundations, whether they be strip, raft, or piled, as quickly as possible so that the build process can start in earnest. From GCL’s incorporation we have completed thousands of foundations combined with both modern plant and technologies meaning there is no company better placed to construct your foundations.


bin purpleDrainage

Accurate installation of drainage is one of the core services of any groundworks contractor, be it adoptable, private, pumped or attenuation. However, few drainage schemes are installed as designed, GCL will identify any ‘clashes’ prior to starting on site and design them out thereby allowing work to progress on schedule.



After many years of working together with various highways agencies and service companies, GCL has gained the experience and knowledge required to deliver the ultimate solution to our clients, from the initial design, right through to final adoption of the relevant authorities/maintenance companies. Most infrastructure works can be value engineered to achieve an optimum solution prior to construction beginning and GCL’s in-house technical team are happy to identify cost saving in new projects.


external worksExternal works

Being the only element of groundworks which is visible to the end user, it is of utmost importance that the externals works be visually pleasing as well as structurally sound. GCL have a dedicated Contract Manager who oversees our in-house external works gangs to ensure that the quality of the finished product is of the highest standard.

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